Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Final Project

Final Assignment Personal Branding (Adobe Muse along with Various Adobe Software) - Due end of day Friday May 4th 

This is the final assignment for the class. Students are required to create personal logos that are expanded into a full brand, including colors, fonts possible graphic elements. Students are required to establish a brand and apply it to a: Portfolio Website, Business Card, and Resume.


The brand of the artist may be themselves, a company they are affiliated with

You must turn in a design brief on April 19th, then you may begin on your identity materials. 

Your website must showcase your work and some info about yourself.  It must also be connected to other social media pages.  It must be responsive.  We will be working on Adobe Muse Demonstrations next week.

All elements should show similar style guides

We will not be meeting for the final, so use your class time wisely.  You will turn in all your materials electronically before the final due date.  

Selecting Typefaces